Topock Compressor Station Environmental Services

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ESA’s experts have been responsible to DTSC for CEQA documentation related to cleanup of groundwater and soils at the Topock Compressor Station. The Department of Toxic Substance Control is directing the investigation and clean up soil and groundwater contamination in and around the Topock site under a Corrective Action Consent Agreement dated 1996. Remedial efforts at the Topock site are guided by Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requirements. The Topock Compressor Station, dating from the early 1950s is an integral component of California’s natural gas distribution system and located just one-half mile west of the Colorado River. Historic operations at the compressor station resulted in contamination of the soil and groundwater around the Topock site. For example, prior to 1985 hexavalent chromium was added to the water used in the cooling towers and other equipment to control corrosion. In the 1950s and 1960s, this water was disposed in percolation beds in a dry wash area next to the compressor station, resulting in contamination of the groundwater. 

ESA’s work has included preparing the Program EIR for groundwater remediation and assessment of soils testing and remediation activities. ESA is preparing a Project EIR for investigation of soil contamination and an Addendum to the certified Final Groundwater Remediation EIR for freshwater source alternatives. We will conduct CEQA evaluations that tier off of the Program EIR for groundwater remediation. These activities are scrutinized by the regional Native American Tribes because the area has important cultural and religious significance. ESA is leading the public and Native American outreach efforts to ensure the preservation of cultural and spiritual resources is taken into consideration throughout the remediation design and implementation process.

Specialized Services

  • Environmental impact reports
  • Restoration and reclamation plans