Southwest Florida International Airport FAR Part 150 Study Image

A relatively new air carrier airport located in a previously undeveloped, but rapidly expanding area, Southwest Florida International Airport embarked on a series of FAR Part 150 studies to identify and implement measures that enhance land use compatibility and protect the long-term viability of the airport.

ESA led two FAR Part 150 studies for the Lee County Port Authority, which oversees the airport, and has initiated a third. These studies have formed the basis for establishing operational procedures including RNAV, an area navigation method that works to concentrate aircraft overflights to compatible land use corridors. Our team has performed noise analysis of operational alternatives associated with a proposed parallel runway, and a long-term noise overlay that seeks to maximize compatibility with off-airport land uses. This plan addresses the future two-runway system, restricting noise sensitive uses to the long-term 60 dB DNL contour and identifying a notification area to the 55 dB DNL contour. The overlay zones were incorporated into the county's comprehensive plan and land development code.

ESA successfully created noise abatement and land-use guidance for an expanding airport in a previously undeveloped area, obtained consensus from a large group of stakeholders, and partnered with the county to inform future planning and development policy.

Specialized Services

  • Airport land use compatibility planning
  • Community outreach programs
  • FAR Part 150 and Part 161 noise studies
  • Modeling and analysis
  • Project website; social media management and communication materials development