Southern Sierra Region Ecological Reserve Management Plans Image

California’s Department of Fish and Game (DFG) identified more than 50 areas in need of resource conservation and use evaluation. Four of these, ecological preserves totaling 7,000-acres in California’s San Joaquin Valley-Southern Sierra region, are home to sensitive habitats and protected species including the San Joaquin kit fox and blunt-nosed leopard lizard.

ESA collaborated with the DFG bringing expertise in large-scale adaptive management planning to develop unique management plans for each of the four reserves. Our team evaluated each property for land preservation and conservation of endangered species. We identified and prioritized wetlands and riparian area restoration along with areas that would benefit from less use, and those areas that offered the best opportunities for bird-watching and hiking. Using an adaptive management plan and environmental analysis the plan guides the restoration but allows for future refinement.

ESA’s unique experience with adaptive management planning on a large-scale was applied to these four smaller ecological reserves; providing guidance for the DFG on how to use, protect and restore valuable habitats an species.

Specialized Services

  • Baseline protocol and surveys
  • California Department of Fish and Game streambed agreements
  • Community and ecosystem adaptation plans
  • Habitat conservation plans
  • Modeling and analysis
  • Park and land management plans
  • Special status species surveys and inventories