Sonoma Creek Flood Management and Enhancement Project Image

Frequent out-of-bank flooding at and downstream of the Highway 121 crossing was causing flood-related damages to structures, roads, railroad tracks, and farmlands in the Schellville area of California's Sonoma County, near San Pablo Bay.

ESA developed conceptual design alternatives to alleviate flooding and enhance the regional habitat of Sonoma Creek. The lower portion of Sonoma Creek is a complex network of tributaries and slough channels; levee overtopping is often influenced by runoff from the upper watershed and by high tide levels in San Pablo Bay. To capture these dynamic influences and accurately estimate overland flow paths, ESA modeled the system using a coupled 1D/2D model (MIKE FLOOD). The hydrodynamic model extends upstream of the tidal influence to San Pablo Bay, to Sonoma Creek in the west, and to Schell Creek and the Napa Salt Ponds to the east. Flood protection and habitat enhancement elements are being tested individually and in concert and compared to the verified baseline conditions model.

ESA developed conceptual design alternative to alleviate flooding and enhance habitat along Sonoma Creek.

Project News: Newly Released Lower Sonoma Creek Flood Management and Ecosystem Enhancement Study

Specialized Services

  • Floodplain mapping
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Multi-objective flood management