Napa Sonoma Marsh Restoration Image

Ecologically important to the San Francisco Bay, the 10,000-acre restoration of the Napa River Salt Marsh system has long been a high priority for local resource agencies and the environmental community.

ESA worked closely with resource agencies and universities to provide hydrology, geomorphology, and restoration design services for the Napa-Sonoma Marsh restoration. We helped the client identify key data that needed to be collected about the site with the limitations of the available budget. Developing and calibrating a hydrodynamic model of salt transport within the 11-pond system and northern San Francisco Bay helped identify options for lowering pond salinities to levels that would be optimal for habitat and acceptable for restoration breaching. ESA's preliminary restoration design alternatives were based on geomorphic principles, hydrodynamic modeling, and sediment transport analysis. The team further defined restoration design components, evaluated potential impacts and mitigation approaches, and estimated the evolution of the habitat over time. Our team provided final design and construction documents for an initial phase of restoration totaling 4,000 acres.

The restoration, when complete, will provide much needed habitat for endangered species, migratory waterfowl, shorebirds, and anadromous and resident fish.

Specialized Services

  • Design specifications and construction bid packages
  • Fisheries habitat enhancement
  • Geomorphic assessments
  • Habitat modeling
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Monitoring
  • Multi-objective flood management
  • Sediment transport studies
  • Water quality analyses
  • Wetland restoration

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