Mountain View Shoreline Sea Level Rise Study

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The City of Mountain View’s Shoreline Community is a low-lying area adjacent to San Francisco Bay, subject to flooding by the bay as well as nearby creeks. Home to high-tech businesses including LinkedIn, Intuit, and Google, the City is planning for increased flood protection, particularly as flood risks increase with future sea level rise that could swamp much of the Shoreline business district.

ESA worked with the City to develop a comprehensive sea level rise vulnerability and adaptation assessment, considering a range of potential scenarios. The study addresses the potential for increased flooding directly from coastal sources as well as upstream sea level rise impacts to creek flooding and stormwater drainage. Supporting assessments include geotechnical levee evaluations, pump intake siltation, and landfill management concerns. The study identifies opportunities for integrating City objectives with other multi-objective projects such as tidal marsh restoration and regional-scale flood protection.

ESA quantified the City’s future flood risk and developed a draft Capital Improvement Program and cost estimates to meet the long-term flood protection needs of the Shoreline Community.

Specialized Services

  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Multi-objective flood management
  • Sea level rise adaptation studies and vulnerability assessments
  • Shoreline management plans
  • Wetland restoration