Lytle Creek Development

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Since 1996, ESA has been involved with the 3,300-acre Lytle Creek Ranch North Planned Development and Specific Plan in southwestern San Bernardino County. During this time, we have performed a comprehensive assessment of biological resources on-site to address CEQA and NEPA as well as the California and federal Endangered Species Acts regulations. 
Our studies have included annual surveys, detailed vegetation mapping, and inventories of high-priority natural communities of concern to resource agencies. In addition to biological assessments, we also:
• Identified and evaluated cultural and paleontological resources on the property 
• Performed archaeological monitoring during earthmoving activities in the construction phase
• Prepared the air quality and global climate change technical reports to document and address the development’s anticipated impacts
When completed, the project will feature parks, schools, retail, and commercial office areas, and offers 8,400 residential units that can house more than 25,000 new residents over the next three decades.

Specialized Services

  • Airport land use compatibility planning
  • Archaeological testing and evaluation
  • Historical investigations, documentation, and plans
  • Paleontological surveys and studies

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