Kenmore Sustainability Assessment and Planning Image

Recognizing that smaller municipalities may need a different approach to sustainability planning, ESA worked with the City of Kenmore, Washington on a pilot sustainability project to develop a model approach for cities with a population around 20,000, like Kenmore.

To rate the City's current practices, ESA assessed City policies, vision, facilities and operations, waste management, purchasing, and planning efforts using the Sustainability, Competency & Opportunity Rating & Evaluation (SCORE) method developed by Axis Performance Advisors and Zero Waste Alliance. Based on this analysis, we developed recommendations for the City's "next steps" toward implementing more sustainable development and practices, establishing goals within the community, and developing a sustainability resolution to be considered by the City Council. Information on Kenmore's sustainability efforts will be highlighted on the City's web page along with links to green building resources, recycling programs, and ways to reduce carbon emissions.

ESA is working with the City to assess their current practices, form recommendations for sustainability planning, and inform the public. This process could form the foundation for how smaller municipalities approach sustainability planning.

Specialized Services

  • Metrics development and performance measurement
  • Sustainability assessments, audits, and benchmarking