City of Ventura Downtown Water and Sewer Main Replacement Project Image

ESA is the City of Ventura's cultural resources contractor-of-choice for municipal engineering projects within the city's historic downtown district. ESA provides on-call and on-site archaeological monitoring services, expediting the City's procurement process, which keeps projects on schedule.

Projects that involve replacing deteriorating water and sewer pipes along several commercial streets—like the City of Ventura's Downtown Water and Sewer Main Replacement Project—can't afford prolonged delays due to unexpected cultural resources finds.

ESA's cultural resources team works with the City and its construction contractors to reduce or eliminate lengthy and unexpected delays. We conduct site evaluations, technical studies, and work the night shift or provide rapid response monitoring to keep the City's projects on track.

Specialized Services

  • Compliance audits and tracking
  • Native American, ethnographic, and archaeological studies