Bahia Wetlands Restoration Planning and Design Image

To address the significant loss of tidal marshes and decline of endangered species in the San Francisco Bay-Delta System, the Marin Audubon Society led an effort to acquire more than 330 acres of property along California's lower Petaluma River to restore and protect it from proposed residential development.

ESA worked with the Marin Audubon Society to implement the restoration of historic tidal habitats along the lower Petaluma River. The goal was to create a self-sustaining restoration design within the site's natural constraints. ESA developed scientific and technical documents to support the wetland restoration planning, permitting, and environmental review process. Our engineering team worked collaboratively to develop construction documents for bidding and construction. To minimize harmful environmental impacts that could be caused by construction, our team provided construction observation. We continue to provide post-construction project monitoring to support an adaptive management program.

ESA has been integral to restoring the 330-acre Bahia Wetlands. Using natural principles and scientific analysis, the team worked to implement the restoration of the lower Petaluma River's historic tidal habitats.

Specialized Services

  • Design specifications and construction bid packages
  • Geomorphic assessments
  • Habitat restoration and enhancement
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Monitoring
  • Sediment transport studies
  • Wetland restoration