Airport Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

Our experts are at the forefront of the latest federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. They are recognized for negotiating complex permitting agreements with agencies including the Federal Aviation Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and the U.S. Corps of Engineers. We fulfill reporting, monitoring, and testing requirements to ensure compliance. read more »

Airport Sustainability and Climate Change

There's increasing pressure from regulators, local agencies, and stakeholders to be environmentally responsible stewards, conserving resources and reducing harmful impacts. We work closely with airports to reduce harmful environmental impacts, develop waste reduction programs, and reduce emissions while balancing the bottom line. We partner with airports and their tenants to reduce emissions, plan for action, and raise industry standards.

Airport Environmental Technical Studies

Our scientists and technical specialists provide critical thinking and measured analysis to guide successful policy development, project planning, and solutions for airport clients. Our noise experts are known for their complex analysis, modeling, problem-solving, community outreach, and document preparation.

Airport Federal and State Environmental Compliance

We understand that each airport is unique. Environmental review of airport projects requires special knowledge of each airport's operations, community and natural environment.

ESA is a leader in preparing national and state environmental documents, and brings extensive working knowledge of airports and the aviation industry. We draw on our experience, expertise and relationships to provide airport managers and public works directors with compliance documentation that meets regulatory requirements and raises industry standards. read more »

Airports Resource and Land Use Planning

We understand the unique complexities that inform planning and policies in and around airports. Our specialized staff brings practical knowledge and experience with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the field-tested technical rigor to make informed decisions. read more »