Community Development Environmental Technical Studies

ESA's integrated approach distinguishes us from other firms. We blend our team of in-house community planners with scientists and technical specialists—including biologists, archeologists, historians, air and noise quality specialists, transportation engineers, hydrologists, and geologists—to meet the unique needs of each project. ESA provides critical thinking and measured analysis to guide successful policy development, project planning, and solutions for private and public clients. read more »

Community Development Federal and State Environmental Compliance

Local governments review and evaluate community plans and development projects that shape local landscapes. These transit, medical and institutional, special-event venues, commercial, and residential projects often require highly specialized technical studies and face intense public scrutiny. read more »

Biological Resources and Land Management Sustainability and Climate Change

Growing population and rising consumption patterns are straining ecosystems and making long-term sustainability one of the biggest challenges of our time. From our inception, we've pioneered sustainability solutions by helping clients restore natural habitats and conserve natural resources. Backed by experts in climate change, energy, water, solid waste, infrastructure planning, and habitat restoration and by leaders at the forefront of current greenhouse gas policies and protocols, ESA assists clients within rapidly changing regulatory environments.

Community Development Resource and Land Use Planning

Cities and counties face unique challenges as they evaluate project feasibility, set policies and plan for their communities. This ever-changing regulatory climate requires seasoned practitioners and technical expertise. read more »

Biological Resources and Land Management Environmental Technical Studies

Our scientists and technical specialists bring critical thinking and measured analysis to guide successful policy development, project planning, and solutions. We provide complex analysis, modeling, problem-solving, community outreach, and document preparation services. ESA builds on more than four decades of experience collecting and analyzing botanical and wildlife data to assist our clients with land management, conservation, and development. read more »

Biological Resources and Land Management Federal and State Environmental Compliance

Proposed development and change to public lands often sparks concern. ESA works with parks and land managers to reveal plans using the environmental compliance processes, ensuring effective public participation and decision-making. We are a leader in preparing national and state environmental documents, including for some of the nation's most complex and controversial projects that are lightning rods for legal challenge. Our approach blends sound science and technical excellence within an analytic framework that encompass project issues. read more »

Biological Resources and Land Management Resource and Land Use Planning

From trail design to regional habitat conservation plans, we blend practical knowledge and specialized expertise to partner with clients in all points of planning, from concept through permitting and construction, and adaptive management. By providing clients with an array of services, they are better equipped to plan, evaluate solutions, and make informed decisions. We balance strategic policy and planning skills with technical rigor, setting us apart from other firms. read more »

Biological Resources and Land Management Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

Our experts are at the forefront of the latest federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. They are recognized for negotiating complex permitting agreements and fulfilling reporting, monitoring, and testing requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering workable solutions for our clients' unique project and program challenges.

From initial field investigations through permit review, construction and mitigation monitoring, we demonstrate a high level of accuracy, integrity and scientific rigor in order to inform the best possible outcomes.

Airport Sustainability and Climate Change

There's increasing pressure from regulators, local agencies, and stakeholders to be environmentally responsible stewards, conserving resources and reducing harmful impacts. We work closely with airports to reduce harmful environmental impacts, develop waste reduction programs, and reduce emissions while balancing the bottom line. We partner with airports and their tenants to reduce emissions, plan for action, and raise industry standards.