Energy Federal and State Environmental Compliance

Energy and industrial projects often traverse multiple jurisdictions, resulting in multiple stakeholders and reviewing agencies. ESA coordinates these various parties and keeps projects on track and within tight regulatory timeframes. read more »

Energy Resource and Land Use Planning

We blend practical knowledge and expertise to partner with clients in all points of resource and land use planning, from concept to implementation. Our team brings a wide range of specialized expertise, from energy utilities land management to community sustainability and climate adaptation. read more »

Cultural Resources Federal and State Environmental Compliance

ESA has prepared national and state environmental documents for some of the nation's most complex and controversial projects that are lightning rods for legal challenge. Our approach blends sound science and technical excellence within an analytic framework that encompasses project issues. This is how we ensure legal adequacy and support agency decision-making. read more »

Cultural Resources Environmental Technical Studies

Our historians and archaeologists provide critical thinking and measured analysis to guide project planning, permitting, and construction compliance. We bring years of experience and practical application to cultural resources evaluations to ensure technical excellence and regulatory compliance. Our credentialed experts regularly conduct site investigations, identify potential impacts, and plan effective mitigation strategies emphasizing avoidance, establishment of protective buffers, and documentation of lost or altered resources if necessary.

Cultural Resources Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

Regulatory compliance and permit requirements often drive project schedules and impact budgets. If not prepared, clients can face unanticipated compliance constraints. We guide clients through the permitting process by anticipating and developing sensible compliance programs. We anticipate and plan so that clients can effectively manage their compliance costs, mitigate significant impacts, and ultimately build their projects. read more »

Cultural Resources Restoration and Mitigation

Our cultural resources team carefully mitigates project impacts and prepares management programs when sites contain highly significant remains, including evidence of prehistoric and ethnohistoric Native Americans or culturally significant or historic buildings and structures. read more »

Cultural Resources Resource and Land Use Planning

We blend practical knowledge and specialized expertise as we partner with clients to identify, preserve, and mitigate impacts to potentially sensitive sites. Our historians and archaeologists collaborate with clients to develop environmentally compliant plans and documents that satisfy local, state, and federal permitting and regulatory requirements. Our extensive team of technical specialists and licensed practitioners plans and oversees all aspects of cultural resource management.

Community Development Restoration and Mitigation

We help landowners, community planners and public works directors mitigate project impacts and restore compromised properties. Our innovative solutions for habitat restoration and design stabilize erosion, alleviate flooding, and protect sensitive areas. read more »

Community Development Sustainability and Climate Change

With growing knowledge and proof of global warming, communities, cities, and agencies are facing increasing pressures to reduce ecological footprints, minimize waste, and plan for climate change. read more »

Community Development Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

Our experts are at the forefront of the latest federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. They are recognized for negotiating complex permitting agreements and fulfilling reporting, monitoring, and testing requirements. From initial field investigations through permit review, construction and mitigation monitoring, our experts demonstrate a high level of accuracy, integrity, and scientific rigor in order to inform the best possible outcomes.