Renewable Resources Restoration and Mitigation

Diminishing landfill capacity, increasing regulatory requirements, and mandated recycling activities contribute to challenges and complexities in solid waste management. We help clients devise feasible closure strategies and compliance monitoring programs that respond to landfill diversion regulations with compliant and effective mitigation. read more »

Renewable Resources Federal and State Environmental Compliance

Preparing environmental documentation for landfill closures or alternative energy projects, such as bioenergy, requires a thorough understanding of technical processes. We've worked alongside innovative partnerships to advance and fast-track alternative energy projects, including the largest solar energy project on U.S. public lands. ESA is a leader in preparing national and state environmental documents, including for some of the nation's most complex and controversial projects that are lightning rods for legal challenge. read more »

Environmental Hydrology Sustainability and Climate Change

Climate change will impact aquatic ecosystems and human infrastructure during the 21st century. These changes—such as rising sea levels and changing rainfall patterns—will influence flood hazard risks and coastal erosion, as well as river and tidal wetland restoration. To enable sustainable living in the future, communities are addressing these climate change impacts and transforming how they manage scarce water resources. read more »

Environmental Hydrology Restoration and Mitigation

We are pioneers in the planning and design of innovative and self-sustaining habitat restoration projects on the West Coast.

Since the acquisition of Philip Williams & Associates in 2010, ESA has created and strengthened an integrated restoration and mitigation practice. Our approach blends practical, in-the-ground experience with rigorous scientific understanding, built upon more than four decades of implementation and management experience. read more »

Environmental Hydrology Environmental Technical Studies

Providing top-notch technical analyses to support the development of innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective client solutions is the heart of environmental hydrology. Our team of engineers and scientists specializes in applying analytical methods in hydrology, hydraulics, and geomorphology to improve and restore natural systems. The first and most important step in any analysis is to work with clients to identify key questions. We then define the appropriate type and level of technical analysis needed to provide useful and practical answers. read more »

Energy Restoration and Mitigation

Energy infrastructure projects often impact sensitive habitats and require mitigation. Our integrated team provides innovative solutions for habitat restoration and design, and effective strategies for stabilizing erosion, alleviating flooding, and protecting sensitive water resources. read more »

Energy Sustainability and Climate Change

ESA helps clients navigate the rapidly changing business and regulatory challenges related to climate change and the shift to a carbon-constrained economy. We identify the risks and opportunities associated with rising energy prices, carbon pricing, consumer and investor pressures, and emerging regulations.

ESA offers services in all aspects of carbon management including greenhouse gas accounting, management systems, target setting, emissions reduction and offset strategies, public reporting, and preparing for emerging regulations and carbon markets. read more »

Energy Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

Our experts are at the forefront of the latest federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. They are recognized for negotiating complex permitting agreements, and for fulfilling reporting, monitoring, and testing requirements.

We deliver workable solutions for our clients' unique project and program challenges. From initial field investigations through permit review, construction and mitigation monitoring, we demonstrate a high level of accuracy, integrity and scientific rigor in order to inform the best possible outcomes.

Environmental Hydrology Resource and Land Use Planning

We know the challenges facing decision makers as they evaluate project feasibility, set policies, and plan for their communities. Our team of planners helps to shape communities that work in harmony with the natural environment, focusing on self-mitigation and sustainability. We specialize in integrated flood, stormwater, and water quality management that preserves and ideally enhances habitat value. We are committed to partnering with coastal communities to address increased flooding, erosion, and beach loss in the face of rising sea levels. read more »

Energy Environmental Technical Studies

Our scientists and technical specialists provide critical thinking and measured analysis to guide successful policy development, project planning, and solutions for private and public clients.

We provide complex evaluation, modeling, problem-solving and document preparation. We then translate complicated technical concepts into effective community outreach, actionable planning and implementable long-term solutions.