Work that matters. 2,500+ water systems projects.

Work that matters. 2,500+ water systems projects.

Work that matters. 1,000+ miles of energy transmission in service.

Work that matters. 1,000+ miles of energy transmission in service.

Job Opportunity (sample)

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Sacramento International Airport "Big Build" Terminal Expansion and Modernization

Terminal B
Construction Monitoring

Sacramento County's largest construction project to date, the Sacramento International Airport 1.1 billion-dollar "Big Build" embarked on an aggressive construction schedule hinging on expert support to coordinate the mitigation, permitting, and agency coordination. read more »

Water Sustainability and Climate Change

ESA is at the forefront of addressing climate change within emerging regulatory frameworks at the international, national, state, and local levels. We have been a leader and innovator in using the California Environmental Quality Act as a tool for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, including establishing significance thresholds, examining the climate change benefits of project and program alternatives, and encouraging smart growth. read more »

Water Restoration and Mitigation

ESA's integrated team provides innovative solutions for habitat restoration and design, and effective strategies for stabilizing erosion, alleviating flooding, and protecting sensitive water resources. Our solutions are founded on more than four decades of practical experience and scientific understanding of natural resource planning and management. read more »

Water Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

Our experts are at the forefront of the latest federal, state, and local regulatory requirements. They are recognized for negotiating complex permitting agreements, and for fulfilling reporting, monitoring and testing requirements. From initial field investigations through permit review, construction and mitigation monitoring our experts demonstrate a high level of accuracy, integrity, and scientific rigor in order to inform the best possible outcomes.

Water Environmental Technical Studies

From surface or groundwater sampling to water flow or stormwater discharge analysis, our scientists and technical specialists provide critical thinking and measured analysis to guide successful policy development, project planning, and solutions for private and public clients. read more »

Water Federal and State Environmental Compliance

ESA leads clients from concept to completion on an array of water-related projects, from single-purpose culverts to regional or statewide water systems. Our solutions are built on a thorough understanding of water regulations, challenges and opportunities. read more »

Renewable Resources Restoration and Mitigation

Diminishing landfill capacity, increasing regulatory requirements, and mandated recycling activities contribute to challenges and complexities in solid waste management. We help clients devise feasible closure strategies and compliance monitoring programs that respond to landfill diversion regulations with compliant and effective mitigation. read more »