Sacramento International Airport’s Terminal B Opens October 6th


ESA partnered with the Sacramento County Airport System to help deliver the largest public works project in County history – the Sacramento International Airport’s Terminal Modernization Program, referred to as the Big Build. Thursday, October 6th we’ll celebrate the opening of Terminal B with 19 additional gates for arrivals and departures, 2,400 new jobs, an iconic public arts program featuring local, regional, and national artists, and an architectural design that reflects the essence of the region.

Congratulations to Sacramento County Airport System and the entire Big Build team including ESA’s: Erich Fischer, Steve Alverson, Stephanie Parsons, Donald Ambroziak, Ashley Asensio, Joshua Boldt, Sara Cortez, Benjamin Frese, Todd Gordon, Mahala Guggino, Aaron Hecock, Pete Hudson, LeChi Huynh, Justin Taplin, Damien Tietjen, Lindsay Tisch, Chariss Tweedy, and Phil Wade!

ESA, Sacramento County Airport System's on-call natural resource consultant, worked with the client, design team, contractor, and subcontractors to ensure environmental compliance throughout construction. From protecting sensitive habitats to stormwater compliance, ESA provided on-the-ground solutions to keep this premier project on track. ESA coordinated environmental planning and permitting efforts with more than nine local and federal agencies and provided on-call expertise related to habitat management, air quality monitoring, dewatering permits, and preconstruction surveys.

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