John Lessard Named Vice President


Environmental Science Associates (ESA), a leading environmental consulting firm, is pleased to announce that John Lessard, ESA’s Information Technology Director has been named an ESA Vice President. ESA’s Board of Directors met Friday, June 20th and named three new ESA Vice Presidents and promoted three leaders to Senior Vice President.

“John’s leadership has been critical to building and maintaining a secure and reliable technological infrastructure that enables our staff to seamlessly collaborate with clients and project teams throughout the U.S.,” said Greg Thornton, Chief Operations Officer. “From introducing new technologies to disaster prevention and data recovery, John’s strategic infrastructure technology solutions are the cornerstone of how we work and communicate with one another and with clients to do our jobs effectively.”

John has 19 years of experience in information technology, including a decade with ESA. He manages a team of seven professionals and manages one of the company’s largest budgets annually. He has led the information technology integration for the firm’s acquisitions, extensive expansion of the Company’s office locations, and the relocation of the primary data center. He has introduced new technologies firm wide including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a centralized network storage repository, WAN optimization, Citrix, a Storage Area Network, and server virtualization. Since John has managed ESA’s IT needs, the firm has grown from 157 to more than 350 professionals supporting both Apple and Microsoft platforms, supporting mobile devices, field equipment, and the integration of more than 10 systems including accounting, human resources, and marketing platforms.

Press Release: John Lessard Named Vice President