ESA sponsors local exhibit featuring cultural resources discoveries at Unbuilt San Francisco: The View from Futures Past.


ESA is a proud sponsor of this five-venue exhibition examining visions of the urban landscape in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The twentieth century saw both a series of ambitious efforts to reimagine the city of San Francisco and the explosive growth of the Bay Area as a metropolitan region. In Unbuilt San Francisco: The View from Futures Past, the California Historical Society and SPUR present some of the most revealing episodes in these distinct but related streams of civic discourse through projects that were proposed but never realized. Concern with a particular site, problem, or opportunity often spans a period of decades and presents a window into a city's changing attitudes, politics, and values. Just like the cities we do build, the cities we imagine and reject reveal the collective creativity of the urban project and the imperfect civics of placemaking.

The exhibition focuses on plans and schemes at scales from the district to the region, emphasizing planning, urban design, regionalism, and environmental management. The exhibition is divided into four components: Taming Nature, The Dream of the Integrated Region, District Revisions, and Transportation and Infrastructure.

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This exhibit will be open through December 29, 2013.