ESA Releases 2012 Sustainability Plan in Celebration of Earth Day!


ESA celebrated Earth Day 2013 by releasing our 2012 Sustainability Plan. The 28-page document maps the firm’s commitment to being a more sustainable business by promoting stewardship of the environment, our communities, and our employee-owners.

We built on the successes and lessons learned from our inaugural 2010 Sustainability Plan, revisiting and revamping our policies, strategies, goals and actions. To make sure we achieve our Economic, Environmental, and Social goals, we strengthened our objectives in successful areas and strategically revised objectives where we fell short of our targets. We also crafted new objectives for important emerging issue areas.

In 2007, ESA made a commitment to integrate sustainability into its operations. As documented in our inaugural 2010 Sustainability Plan and 2010/11 Sustainability Report, ESA is committed to walking the talk, and is taking concrete actions to achieve real results. Our updated 2012 Sustainability Plan outlines objectives to incorporate environmental considerations into all levels of business operations, from purchasing to facility site selection, and mentoring staff to guiding our clients towards sustainable project solutions. The plan and subsequent firmwide actions were championed by the ESA Green team and the firm’s Sustainability Committee.