ESA’s Jeff Haltiner and Phil Williams to Present at the Future of the Concrete Channel on November 21, 2013


Jeff Haltiner, PhD, PE, and Phil Williams, PhD, PE, Eur. Ing., will each present as part of the upcoming UC Berkeley one-day conference, the Future of the Concrete Channel. Sponsored by the UC Berkeley Department of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning, Phil and Jeff join an esteemed group of speakers who will discuss the broader issues and considerations associated with the evolution of river restoration and flood control in highly urbanized environments throughout California.

Jeff’s discussion will focus on concrete channel restoration as it applies to Ballona Creek in Los Angeles, including the inherent opportunities and constraints that come with large scale restoration in an urban area. Phil will present a session entitled "Rethinking flood control channel design 1989-2013."

To register or learn more about these sessions please contact Jeff at jhaltiner [at] esassoc [dot] com or Phil at pwilliams [at] esassoc [dot] com or visit the Future of the Concrete Channel website.