Environmental Hydrology & Design

Water is critical to the health and balance of our world. We combine rigorous science and practical engineering solutions to restore this balance and solve complex water resource challenges.

Our team of scientists and engineers is unified by our dedicated understanding of – and appreciation for – natural systems, as well as our common goal of protecting, enhancing, and restoring the environment from the headwaters to the coast. From river and wetland restoration to climate change adaptation, flood management, and coastal erosion, our innovative and cost-effective solutions are founded on rigorous science and a deep understanding of natural processes, resulting in enduring results with multiple benefits.

Our comprehensive Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and River and Floodplain Restoration services include all phases of project development, from concept planning and analysis through final design and construction support. Many of our integrated planning, analysis, and design services for Flood Management, Watershed Management and Coastal Zone Engineering and Management projects have been lauded as exemplary and pioneering. We work with our clients to address Climate Change Adaptation on many fronts, including developing creative and ecologically beneficial approaches to adapt to sea level rise.

ESA advances a multidisciplinary approach using engineering and science to manage and restore ecosystems. We now know this approach as environmental hydrology.

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Ann Borgonovo, PE
Environmental Hydrology & Design Leader