Cultural Resources

Everything has a past, whether it’s a water supply pipeline that traverses through federal lands containing Native American sites or a historically significant dam proposed for decommissioning.

We work to make sure our clients are aware of and in compliance with federal, state, and local cultural resources regulations and that stakeholders vested in protecting these legacies are included in this process.

We evaluate each project site using a blend of technical analysis, permitting strategies, and agreements tailored to promote successful project implementation. Our archaeologists, field monitors, architectural historians, historians, and preservation planners bring integrated solutions based on practical experience.

Known for our successful relationships with regulators and other stakeholders, ESA’s cultural resources team is experienced in navigating regulatory complexities, developing appropriate mitigation, and working alongside construction teams to meet project objectives while protecting sensitive sites.

From conducting complex historic properties analysis and archaeological resources studies  to collaborating with institutions to preserve artifacts in curation and museum collections management and exploring submerged cultural resources, we offer a full range of experts who specialize in complex cultural resources regulatory requirements.

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Dana McGowan, RPA
Cultural Resources Leader