Biological Resources and Land Management

Large areas of land are home to hundreds of species and abundant natural resources that often invite competing demands from a range of stakeholders—including farmers and wildlife managers to local communities, tribes, and regulatory agencies.

Balancing the protection of natural resources with management plans grounded in scientific and regulatory expertise requires both science and art. ESA offers a full range of expertise, from Endangered Species Act compliance and adaptive management to biological surveys and monitoring.

We’ve collaborated with agencies to manage, study, preserve, and improve more than a hundred of our greatest assets and open spaces, like Yosemite National Park. We’ve restored more than 450 acres of marshland, inventoried 2,400 miles of shoreline, and 152 miles of trails.

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Environmental Technical Studies
Federal and State Environmental Compliance
Regulatory Permitting and Compliance Monitoring
Ecosystem Restoration and Mitigation
Environmental and Community Planning
Sustainability and Climate Change


Erich Fischer
Erich Fischer
California Biological Resources and Land Management Leader
ESA  Staff
Teresa Vanderburg
Pacific Northwest Biological Resources and Land Management Leader