We'll See You Around: Upcoming Conferences & Events

ESA's experts will be out and about in the coming months attending--and speaking--at a number of conferences across our four regions. Speaking engagements are noted below. We look forward to connecting with you.

April 2019

13 - 16 American Planning Association
National Planning Conference | San Francisco, CA
ESA PRESENTS || Eryn Brennan: The Market Street Hub Mobile Workshop
ESA PRESENTS || Bob Battalio: Managed Retreat Educational Session
ESA PRESENTS || Hillary Gitelman: Directors’ Perspectives on the Region
ESA PRESENTS || Linda Amato: Division Council Workshop: Succession Planning and Leadership
10 - 14 Society for American Archaeology
84th Annual Meeting | Albuquerque, NM
ESA PRESENTS || Heather Atherton: Betwixt and Between: Negotiating Hispanic Identity from Past to Present
ESA PRESENTS || Benjamin Curry and Heather Atherton: Notorious and Profitable: Exploring Fresno’s China Alley
10 - 12Society for Ecological Restoration of California (SERCAL)
26th Annual Conference | Santa Barbara, CA
23 Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County
11th Annual Celebration | Seattle, WA
23 - 26Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF)
37th Annual Conference | Santa Rosa, CA
ESA PRESENTS || Eric Ginney: Floodplains and Functions: From Concept to Creation (session co-chair); Floodplains Across Time and Space: One Size Does Not Fit All (Especially On The Yuba River)
ESA PRESENTS || Jason White: Creating Floodplain Habitat in Incised Streams in the North Bay Region, California
ESA PRESENTS || Jorgen Blomberg: Integrating Flood Management, Steelhead, Beaver and Wildlife Habitat Restoration in the Napa River Watershed (tour)

May 2019

2 - 3Design and Construction Procurement Outlook Conference
Meeting and Expo | Los Angeles, CA
4 - 8Capitol-to-Capitol
Theme: Collaboration | Washington, DC
7 - 10ACWA 2019 Spring Conference
Change. Challenge. Opportunity. | Monterey, CA
5 - 8 American Council of Engineering Companies
Annual Convention | Washington, DC
8 - 11 California Preservation Foundation
Preservation Springs Eternal | Palm Springs, CA
15 - 17 National WTS Annual Conference
The Hub of Ingenuity | Boston, MA
15 - 17 Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA)
Spring Meeting | Spokane, WA
19 - 23 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
Resilient Infrastructure For a Changing Planet | Pittsburgh, PA
19 - 23 Association of State Floodplain Managers
Flood Fest 2019: The Mitigation and Resilience Tour | Cleveland, OH
ESA PRESENTS || Spencer Easton: The Puyallup Watershed: A Case Study in Integrated Floodplain Management
22 - 23 The Leadership Series, Cultural Resource Protection Summit
Annual Conference | Suquamish, WA

June 2019

13 - 16 Groundwater Resources Agency (GRA) Groundwater Sustainability
Second Annual Summit | Fresno, CA
ESA PRESENTS || Michael Burns: Recharge Planning session (co-chair) and a presenting panelists
13 - 16 Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA)
Annual Conference | Quebec, Canada