We'll See You Around: Upcoming Conferences & Events

ESA's experts will be out and about in the coming months attending--and speaking--at a number of conferences across our four regions. Speaking engagements are noted below. We look forward to connecting with you.

January 2019

4 - 5 Society for Historical Archaeology
Annual Conference | St. Charles, MO
4 - 8 CalNeva Declining Amphibians Conference
California/Nevada Populations Task Force | 
Arcata, CA

February 2019

4 - 8 River Restoration Northwest 
2019 Symposium | Stevenson, WA
ESA PRESENTS || Barry Tanaka: Design and Construction of Spawning and Off-Channel Rearing Habitat on a Flow Regulated River (poster session)
ESA PRESENTS || Mason Lacy: Powell Butte Floodplain Anastomosing System Concept and 2D Hydrodynamic Modeling (poster session)

March 2019

4 - 8 UC Davis Noise Symposium
2019 Symposium | Jacksonville, FL
ESA PRESENTS || Steve Alverson: Aircraft Noise 101 (instructor)
7 - 10 Society for California Archaeology
Annual Meeting | Sacramento, CA
ESA PRESENTS || Rebecca Allen (SCA President Elect); Becoming an Advocate for Archaeology; Panelist, How to Publish in Archaeology (workshop host)
ESA PRESENTS || Matthew Russell: Point Reyes National Seashore from 1940 to 1973
ESA PRESENTS || Paul Zimmer, Matthew Russell, Tom Ostrander: Historic Cemetery Symposium, Yerba Buena Cemetery
ESA PRESENTS || Heather Atherton, Ben Curry: China Alley in Fresno (poster)
ESA PRESENTS || Michael Newland: Climate Change
24 - 27 AEP Conference
2019 Annual Conference | Rancho Mirage, CA

April 2019

7 - 10 American Planning Association
National Planning Conference | San Francisco, CA
ESA PRESENTS || Eryn Brennan: The Market Street Hub Mobile Workshop
ESA PRESENTS || Harriet Ross: Unlocking Potential for Center City Housing Educational Session
ESA PRESENTS || Bob Battalio: Managed Retreat Educational Session